Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The hours leading up to the CAT result are always filled with anxiety. When CAT was a paper-based test, aspirants had a fair idea of what one could expect. With this online CAT, predicting scores would be an exercise in futility. CAT score doesn't depend on one's performance alone. A nod from Lady Luck is imperative to fetch good scores from this online "lottery".

Some of my friends who had already check their "leaked" scores(which the convener of CAT says is unethical. Bah!) are praying that it shouldn't be authentic. Others who have got good scores fear the contrary. And rest like me, who haven't checked their scores, are hoping that destiny would smile at them. :-)

Much as I hope I get what I deserve, I have a thought running at the back of my mind that another CAT goof-up is not an impossibility. Whatever be the case, I wouldn't let this feline break my spirit. On second thoughts, can it get worse than last year? I got a whopping 7.07% in DI. What a shock that was! It took me a few minutes to believe what I saw. If my ego wasn't so inflated, I'd have shed a few drops of tears too.

A whole year has passed now and I'm back at square one. In a few hours CAT 2010 result will be out. It would be an understatement to say that right now butterflies are having a gala time in my stomach. I'm repeatedly playing the exam day on my mind. Rewind, play, rewind, play. silly, but I can't help it. I know I've given my best shot and I'm happy about that. I may get more than or less than what I deserve. Whatever be the case, one thing is for sure - I'd emerge stronger.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To hell with title, Kallis and Prometric!

First off, Happy new year folks! I'd been away from my blog for a long while - not that there are blokes hitting my blog by the hour, hoping that a post would sprout out of nowhere. What with Airtel(& other SPs too) charging one rupee for a sms on new year eve too, people - and that includes me - have stopped sending new year wishes through messages. Greeting cards made way to smses and emails, and now facebook has taken over.

Talking of facebook, I'm in the race to receive the most "unsocial guy" award for not having a facebook account. Looks like it's easier to find a honest politician than someone without a facebook account. :-P I guess I'm still an old-fashioned guy that prefers emails to posting message on the wall. I'd love to send snail mails(I resent that retronym) but my friends, who think I'm up to some mischief, refuse to give their addresses. And it affects one's "macho" image too. ;-) As for now, my grandfather is the only lucky soul who receives my letters. :P One reason for not signing up in facebook is the presence of most of my relatives in facebook - right from my 8-year-old cousin to my atha-patti. Given the gorillas I have for friends, I've little doubt than no sooner than creating an account my family will be in possession of many of my dark secrets. :-P And definitely I wouldn't want them to know why me and my friends were chased by Goan police ;-)

New year started off on a quiet note. For a change I spent the new year eve at home, watching Schidnler's list for the nth time. Not a good choice of movie for celebration but it wouldn't seem so stupid in the light of the fact that I had only two movies in my recently-formatted hard disk that night - the other one was "bayam" ravi's movie.

The quiet and serene new year day was followed by a horrific and disastrous day, thanks to XAT. If IIMs can hog the limelight(for all the wrong reasons though), can XLRI be far behind? IIMs have the unbridled support of Prometric, arguably the best in the business, who can infuse insanity(and malware) into any sophisticated system. Since XLRI hasn't partnered with Prometric, no matter how hard they tried they couldn't mess up the way the exam was conducted better than IIMs. So they came up with a novel thought of setting the paper so difficult that aspirants would mistake it for IIT-JEE and walk out. They even asked a few questions from IIT-JEE. How good is that? These are the same guys who crib about dominance of engineers in entrance exams and set papers designed to keep arts graduate out. Bottomline: yours truly for the first in 4 years failed to clear quant cut off. (Now you know why I'm bitching :-P)

It isn't so easy to get the better of IIMs. Not for nothing they are the best institutes in the country. Add Prometric to that, and you have a deadly combination! Even before people came out of XAT shock, CAT result was leaked, and that became the subject of every mba aspirants' discussion. XAT was pushed to the back of their mind. A masterstroke by Prometric, I say! :P Apparently they have loaded the cat results in database and testing was underway. And what more, it was available to public access. Duh! Some anonymous aspirants in eagerness had hit the website and checked his result. The word spread around and before noon thousands had checked their scores. By the time I got the word the application was shut down. Bah! As vadivel says "Nadathari tanam panalum nasuka panna matanga". Now all my friends know their scores and I've to wait for 6 full days to know mine. :-| And that's not easy when you know that people who took the exam in the same slot as you and whom you expected to get 99.5+%ile got only a meagre 90.1%ile. Normalization, my ass!

As if this was not enough, Kallis heaped more misery by scoring a defiant century in the second innings as well. I hate him! Much as I'm glad that he surpassed Ponting, I hate him for doing so when India is on the verge of a series victory in South Africa. One more day to go, 340 runs away. Can our guys pull it off? I've firm belief in law of averages - with the exception of CAT score - and Sehwag is due to score a big ton. No better time to do it. I hope! Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. :-P