Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My hopes for a white Christmas were dashed but a white New Year doesn't appear to be a pipe-dream now. It snowed heavily for a couple of hours in the evening today. It did snow a couple of times last week but there was nothing dramatic about it. The flakes melted as soon as it hit the ground. A walk in the snowfall had the similar result as being rained on. Not today. I look out the window and see the empty car parking(thanks to holiday season) opposite to my house has accumulated so much snow that it appears like a white carpet. Towering buildings in the neighborhood are obscured by mist. The lawns on either end of the street have turned white. Bare trees are sprinkled with snow. The cars on the streets are wrapped up in snow. I wrote 'My first snow' in a window of one of those cars and before I could click a picture of it, it was gone. Not that I'm complaining. I couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Many weeks have passed since I wrote something inordinately stupid. I'm not saying I have been churning out Pulitzer prize material lately (hell yeah! with this kind of writing, I would come last in a writing competition that includes Jeppiar, and here I am bragging about Pulitzer! :P ). The satisfaction of writing something enormously stupid is missing. That surprises me, given the boundless supply of stupidity I'm endowed with. Some men are born stupid. Some achieve stupidity. Some have stupidity thrust upon them. To me, it's all three. I consider a day wasted if nothing stupid and embarrassing happens. And I can proudly say that I haven't wasted a single day so far. :) So before my gift of stupidity is wasted away on hot chicks, who generally take a long detour to avoid running into me, let me put that to some awesomely stupid use and write a profoundly stupid post.

All this talk of stupidity reminds me of the movie I watched last friday night -  Desi Boys. I am extremely picky when it comes to Hindi movies. I can't stand to watch a non-sense movie in a language I barely understand. But I let my gaurd down when I was lured by my friend who told me that she would bring her supposedly hot friends along, only to discover later that she had pulled a fast one on me. I am not a thrifty person by any means, but nothing - except the reason mentioned above - would induce me to spend money on a Hindi movie. If I were to make a list of ways to spend my money, 'Watch a Hindi movie' wouldn't figure in the top 50, and it would certainly be below 'Feed the money to a shredder'. So I was not in the brightest of moods(that most of those who came to watch the movie were eyesores contributed significantly to my bad mood) as I slouched in my seat, preparing myself for a couple of hours of torture. The movie was only half as bad as I had expected. That could be put down to the fact that I dozed off in the second half. Dashed clever of me, I'd say. When the ordeal was finally dispensed with, I felt like I had spent a lifetime in that place, but I was enormously relieved too that it was over. So if you are hot Hindi-speaking chick and want to take me out to a movie, here's a tip: learn Tamil, because Balaji is done with Hindi movies. Period.  But then again, I may end up watching another Hindi movie next weekend. My friend has promised that she wouldn't trick me next time. :P

I had to watch a few favorite movies over the weekend to recoup. I watched It's a wonderful life, Life is beautiful and A moment to remember(Korean). Much to my surprise, I cried bucketfuls during each of the three movies. A sign of getting old?  :-| I didn't shed a tear when I watched these movies before but I used up a bundle of tissue paper this time. It's amazing how same books or movies touch us in different ways at different times in our life. That reminds me of a few classic books I abandoned because it was going over my head by several miles. Perhaps I can understand it better now. I should give it a shot. But no Jane Austen. Even P.G.Wodehouse says "she bores me stiff". So I'm not going to go down that road again. So there!

Last Thursday was a memorable day. I saw snowfall for the first time ever. Ever seen someone act childishly for something lame? That was me that noon when I bolted out of the office to revel in the snowfall. I was excited beyond words. L tagged along too, not wanting to miss a moment, a snapshot of which will be saved in my memory forever. :P We set off on a walk along the road that leads to Lake Ontario, that is, L walking and me jumping and hopping and dancing, trying to catch snowflakes, looking into the sky and letting snowflakes settle on my face, feeling the chill prick of stream that rolled down as the snowflakes melted. She seemed amused by it all and perplexed as to why someone would be so excited for snow. "Is there no snow in Chennai?" she asked. I gave her a look of intense disbelief. I wouldn't have looked more disbelieving if I were asked "Are you a gay?"

But this has not been a year of all sunshine and snowfall. I have been in for some rude shocks at times. But the biggest disappointment of the year is, I can't get a tourist visa to U.S until I complete six months in Toronto. I don't complete six months until the end of this month. Not that I'm not eligible to apply, but the chances of not getting are insanely high. Why is that a let down? Since the day I set foot in Toronto, I have been dreaming about going to Las Vegas to spend the New Year with my friends. Now that door is closed. :-| I will have to wait longer. Sigh!

All right, I'll have to stop here. I will resume from where I let off some other time when an urge to do something stupid steals over me. :-)