Sunday, August 7, 2011

In memory of my Jerry

I wrote this several months ago. I published this post in my company's internal blog but didn't publish on this space. Here you go! :-)

There are not many works that demand more effort and will than waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning. More so, if one had imbibed a few bottles of beer the previous night and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, discussing philosophy and girls with bosom buddies. :-P So it was with a tremendous effort I opened my eyes, and peered at my friend who, it seems, had had a harrowing time trying to shake me out of slumber and was presently hurling some indecent remarks at me. Having retorted with invectives no less indecent, I asked him why the heck did he wake me up.

‘That filthy pest of yours’

‘Eh? What are you blabbering about?’ I asked, puzzled and wondering if he was still under the influence of alcohol.

‘That stinking rat. What else?’

For the uninitiated, among the rich diversity of fauna of my house, which by the way includes my friends,  there was this rat, which I think must have been a scathing critic in it’s previous birth. It frowns upon anything that it believes is an eyesore  or crappy. It expresses it’s disapproval firmly by sinking it’s teeth into the poor object and ripping it apart. The annual gift bean bag suffered a cruel fate because it did not think, I guess, maroon was a suitable color for a bean bag and dug holes in ten places.  It is extremely finicky when it comes to books; it leaves P.G.Wodehouse books untouched and uses ‘Kumundham’ and Chetan Bhagat books for relieving himself of unnecessary stuffs accumulated in it’s bowel. ;-) It has an acute distaste for blue colour and nibbles at anything that has a picture of Actor Vijay on it. :-P It generally announces its presence by pushing the kitchen utensils off the shelf, loves “Mortein Rat Killer” and has a flair for games, which invariably involves pinching the fish-food and hiding it in places we can’t reach for. Even though it caused innumerable troubles, I took a fancy to this rat and put my foot down when my friend, who was pretty sore at it for nibbling at his favourite blue underwear, came up with the suggestion of using mouse-traps.

What did it do now?’ I asked, hoping it had not done anything to my new guitar bag.

‘Go see for yourself. It’s your pet, after all,’ he said with a sympathetic look.

I endeavored to rise to my feet but the gravitational force, which seems to have a special liking for inebriated men, didn’t let go of me. After tripping and stumbling a fair number of times like a newly born deer, I finally got on my feet and proceeded to kitchen to find out what wreak this beast of a rat had caused.

And there it was, in a corner of kitchen, unmoving, upturned and dead.

When I was in class eight, I had a cat named ‘Teddy’, which gave birth to ‘Humpty’ and ‘Dumpty’, and Dumpty in turn gave birth to ‘Jack’ and ‘Jill’. And Jill was my favorite. When Jill died I couldn’t give him a proper funeral- it was just thrown away- as I was admonished that it wasn’t sanitary and that has always been one of my regrets in life. But I wasn’t going to add one more to the list of regrets. I decided to give this rat a proper funeral.

Mournfully, I lifted it by the tail and dropped it into a small cardboard box. While I was thinking of some suitable place to bury it, my friends were involved in a discussion as to what caused the downfall of this mighty rat, which had escaped many sophisticated traps and thrived on rat poison. When I proceeded to perform the funeral service, the discussion had reached nowhere near the conclusion. Opinions were divided as to whether it was the rasam I prepared or my stinking socks that finally did the poor jerry in.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sound of Silence

You are enjoying a stroll in an empty park on a fine day, you come upon something suspicious and upon examining it you find yourself gaping disbelievingly at a bag full of money. Or you are being taken to tasks by your boss and a lightening appears out of blue and strikes him on the head. Take your pick. These are incidents that will certainly light up one's day - certainly mine. The ecstasy one derives from these can be paralleled only by the ecstasy of discovering good music by chance. (Why the hell don't you come to the point in a jiffy, you ask! Well, brevity and eloquence have never been my forte. Beating around the bush, is. :P )

I happened to experience that ecstasy a few months ago when I was watching a movie. Not very long ago, the most important work in my life was playing cricket on Saturday mornings and following it up with a movie at home with a bunch of half-wits who also happen to be my bosom buddies. In a moment of rare brilliance, S suggested that we watch The Graduate. In retrospect, I am glad we didn't throw his suggestion out of the window as we normally do. I did enjoy the movie and have watched it three more times ever since, but what caught my attention was the title song of the movie. The Sound of Silence. (I have a pleasant memory associated with that movie and that's what makes me watch it again and again. My lazy bones permitting, I shall write a post on it sometime.)

I don't think there is any other song that has made a better first impression on me. The first time I heard, I was hooked. I have heard a million times ever since but each time I hear it I feel a sensation that is no different from what I felt when I heard it first. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Sound of Silence.

The Sound of Silence isn't my favorite song of Simon and Garfunkel. Mrs.Robinson, is! Here's to Mrs.Robinson.

If you don't hear the Sound of Silence or don't find Mrs.Robinson attractive, you and I may never see eye to eye on music. :-P

P.S: I'm a music illiterate. I know as much about notes and pitches as Kalaingar knows about English literature. However, music is one of the few things that makes my world go round. It is well within your rights to think that I don't qualify to write a post remotely related to music, but this is my blog and I will write whatever crap I want to write. So there! :-P