Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another blah post

No, I did not get run over by a water lorry or undergo a lobotomy. So put all that conspiracy theory to rest. Where were you hiding all these days, you ask. You won’t? What do you mean you couldn’t care less? Never mind, I’m going to tell you that anyway. I am still polluting the atmosphere of Toronto as I have been doing since I set foot here eighteen months ago. Eighteen months away from home is a long time, isn’t it? Add to that the heartbreaking fact that during this same period I haven’t had a drop of  ‘Vathakozhambu’ – a dish I’d totally die for – and you get what is commonly known by the name  ‘homesickness’. The soundness of my reasoning may stagger you but I would be not deceiving you when I say it didn’t take me long to reason that to get over homesickness one must go back home. :P

The step 2 in the plan was to walk over to manager’s cabin in the most appropriate moment and let him know of my epiphany. Contrary to what I thought, I succeeded without breaking a sweat in convincing him that the waste paper basket under my desk has learned more about the project in four months than I could do if I worked here a thousand years. And that it would be beneficial to the project if I stay so far away from it that I couldn’t be detected with a telescope. While he did not actually dance upon hearing it, one could read from his face that he was happy. He wore an expression not unlike Sreesanth’s after he hit Andre Nel down the ground for a six.  Why, it’s a matter of great interest for psychologist as to what makes one so happy when one is certain that he has seen the last of Balaji Srinivasan.

The poor old manager’s joy did not last long, though. He soon made a heartbreaking discovery that he was bound by official rules that didn’t allow to send me packing at once. He even went so far as footing all the expenses himself, if that means never seeing my blasted face again, but rules are rules. One moment he was happy like a cat that came upon a bowl of milk, and next moment, he was forlorn because the milk is too warm and he has to wait until it cools down. That’s life, folks. My team mates are not any less disappointed, either. They even got a farewell gift for me to guilt me into not changing my mind. :P Gotta love these people, what? So all that I’m trying to say is that folks down in Chennai can rest easy for a couple of more months. Enjoy your Balaji-less life for a few more months. Let your hair down, get naughty or go kill a cop. You’ve got yourself a few month respite. But that’s not going to be of any use, you know. Know why? Because the world is going to end on Decemeber 21st, anyway. So there! :P