Saturday, July 12, 2008

Disclaimer: This post is just a mere ramblings by yours truly who has safely and indolently slipped into oblivion. If you are here looking for an interesting or informative post, venture not further, for this post contains neither. Nor do any of my other posts, but still it is my duty to warn you, my revered reader, of the potential danger you are getting into.

If you are reading this WORD despite my threatenings and warnings... well.. don't blame me... you chose to die by your hand:P

So where were we? Ok, nowhere. Off late, my mind is occupied with one serious thought, or rather mystery which I am unable to unravel. For all those curious people out there, let me tell what it is - what is the role of cockroaches in the evolution? (woo hoo... i can see jaws droppings, eyes widening, hands on cheeks adding more effect to the melodrama,.. all at once... in amazement at author's ingenuity.:P)

Even with my advanced scientific brain(yes, you read it right), I can't conceive of single sane reason as to why cockroaches came into existence. Ok, there are sturdy enough to survive a nuclear holocaust, but my question is.. why do they have to survive in the first place?

If you are of the opinion that cockroaches scare the daylight out of me, that I go scurrying for cover at the mere sight of a cockroach flying, you got it absolutely wrong. :D tch...tch.... how come you don't acknowledge the philosophical content in this marvelous question? I am merely trying to find the purpose cockroaches' disdainful existence. This post is not as a result of personal grudge i hold against cockroaches. :P In my opinion, this question should be rated next to the immortal question that propped up in isa's mind ( Isa who? Isaac Newton you dunderheads. :P)

One reason why i hate education system in india is cockroaches. If your ever dozing mind doesn't tell you why, let me take you on a flashback trip to tenth grade. Students.... open the zoology book... chapter 1.. excretory system of cockroaches.. (cut... back to reality) I fail to understand why I should study the excretory system of cockroaches, or worse draw them, as if I would willingly help a cockroach suffering from constipation or loose motion.. hmph!! Education system in india be damned.... What is more ignominious(i just learned that word..and am showing off.. :P) is instigating a non-violent guy like me to cut a cadaver(??you see.... i warned you in the beginning itself) of cockroach. When yours truly was asked to do it in the zoology lab, i nervously walked towards it, and touched its leg to find if there is any remnant of life in it. A mild quiver was enough to make shout at the top of my lungs. What transpired next lead yours truly to swing his arm in frenzy manner, as if he is brandishing a sword, and what lay ahead could barely be recognized as an organism.. :P

Phew..... this post is getting awfully long.... to be continued.... :P