Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paradise regained!!

I am really happy today. No, it's not because I successfully wrote ten lines of code without any exception. Not because I found the name of the punjabi girl with whom I have fallen head-over-heels in love. (last week it was a mallu & a gujju is in the pipeline. :P) I am happy because I got in touch with someone whom I had last met when I was 9 years old. (Yeah, seven years back!! :D) I can't describe in words how much surprised I am at finding a long-lost friend. I would have been less surprised if I had spotted Prathiba Patel shaking a leg in a pub or Mathew Hayden placing a peck on the cheek of Harbhajan.

Before you yell, "what the heck!!", let me tell who that guy is - He is Shankar Narayanan. My classmate for three years, from third to fifth standard. We studied in a school, which still remains so close to my heart, called DTEA in New Delhi.

After the fifth-grade annaul examination, I came to Chennai for summer vacation. As irony would have it, I never returned to Delhi after that. Which meant losing contacts with all of my childhood pals. The last time I spent time with my classmates of DTEA was after my last exam - when we all rushed to the canteen to mark the end of the academic year with an expensive treat, which involved buying one goli-soda and a dozen students falling over each other to grab their share. Its still green in my mind. I can visualize it as I type.

I chanced upon his orkut profile a few days back. I couln't figure him from his photo, so left him a scrap. In came a message in my gtalk from him after a couple of days -"@#$@#$@". (I have censored the bad word as this blog serves family audiences too. :P) I was aghast. Being the one who doesn't squander away the oppurtunity to swear(a skill that I have mastered after two years in boys school(RKM) :P), I gave a befitting reply. After a few rounds of hauling explectives at each other, he at last gave up. Ah! My RKM school mates would be proud of me.

Then after exchanging a few pleasentaries, I asked him- the truimphant feeling yet to sink in- why did he scold me. "For breaking my head," he replied. "And not even bothering to apologize," he continued. Yeah, I hauled a brick at this guy's head during PT period when in fourth standard. Poor fellow, he was bleeding profusely. It was not intentional. We were playing some game with bricks, and after the play was over, we were suppose to put the bricks back to where we took it from. Me being the lazy chap, instead of walking all the way to that place, hauled the brick as high as nine-year-old boy can. And it landed right the middle of his head. :P The next momemt, I remember, someone was screaming, "misssss, balaji shankar ra adichutan..." :D :D Needless to say, I got whipped on the a$@ that evening! :D

Being the incorrigible guy that I am, I refused to apologize even now. I don't see anything that I had done wrong. :P Do you?

P.S: There is one more reason for being so ecstatic. Now that I've found Shankar, I can know the wherebouts of Narmadha, my first ever crush, through him. :) :)
Plz do wish me luck!! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ஜஸ்ட் அனொதெர் டே

Ah! What a pleasant day! I woke up this morning to the rythm of rain pounding on the window of my room. I cast a lazy look out the window, and boy, what a charming weather! For a moment I thought I had gone back in time and was reliving those wonderful days in Ooty. Its been a long time since I witnessed such a pleasing weather in Chennai. The weather was good, and so was my mood. A perfect beginning to the day!

There are many things that one can derive boundless pleasure from, but none better than sipping a cup of hot tea in a cosy romantic weather. I bet all my money on that. And yours truly is engaged in that blissful activity as he is typing this WORD. :) Ahh!!

More good news(for me, that is). No mock test today. Sundays without mock test have become unimaginable. I sometimes wonder I behave I like a robot programmed to give mock test on Sundays. This is what exactly happens on every Sunday - I get up at sharp 8.15, drag myself to the rest room for you-know-why, put on my its-been-more-than-six-months-since-i-washed-it-jean and t-shirt(which more than not happens to be my friends'), search frantically for a pencil, which is shorter than my shortest finger, and Off I go. Then I come running back from the gate in exacty 28 seconds: Oops, I have forgotten my hall ticket.

I have been successfully following this schedule for two years now, without modifying any bit of it. Its strange that I have absolutely no remorse in devoting my Sunday to a stupid aptitde test, instead of freaking out with my friends. In fact, I love it! Except for the fact that I have to get up real early - around 8AM.:(
I sincerely hope that Nov 10 is the last time ever I go out to write a mock test, and Nov 18 is the last time ever I go out to give CAT.

Not that I am fed up of it. Not that I would not give it once again, should I fail to crack this beast this time. But its just too demanding. It takes away a substantial part of your personal life, not letting you to do things you would love to do, and off it goes, even before you realize that half-an-year has sped past. And its sure not a safe bet. There is no guarantee to success.

I shall safely draw curtains on my performances in the mock test. From what I last learnt, my scores in the last mock test was less than the lowest temparture ever recorded in Kashmir, and my All-India-Rank was more than the total runs amassed by Sachin in test and ODI put togther. :D :D

Ok, enough of my ramblings!! Yesterday I finished reading a book by PG Wodehouse. He is the most funniest writer ever. It never occured to me how people had favorite authors. To me, if the book is good, i'll read it. I never delve deep into the details of author's style and all such stuff which many book enthusiasts do. But that was until I read PG Wodehouse. Now I have fallen in love with his writing. I plan to buy at least two PG Wodehouse books every month. (I would love to buy the entire collection, but this is all I can afford with my meagre salary. :( HR guys, are you reading???)

See ya in my post!! So loong!!:)
P.S: Chennai is incorrigible. By the time I completed this post, Sun is shining in all its glory. :(

Monday, October 6, 2008

I-can't-give-a-creative-blog-title ;)

I am always amazed by the unfailing regularity with which some of my friends update their blog. Do they never run out of ideas? Are their life so eventful? Or is my life so monotonous? Don't I have anything to say to my dear readers(Damn, I'm not ever sure whether I can use plural form. ;)) OK, before you go, "Would you cut that crap!!!!" let me put an end to all these comes-and-vanishes-in-exactly-42-nanoseconds questions that prop up in my find from time to time.

Writer's block is a standard excuse that I would love to use for my absence from this labyrinth, only if I had some evidence to prove that I'm a writer. :D Anyway, now that I'm back, I'll see to that you are thoroughly tortured reading this post. :)

I went to Ooty a couple of weeks back, with around 70 of those who work in the same project as I. (Whoever says, "what!! you work? ha hah!! LOL!!" is a monkey)Oh boy, it sure was one of the most enjoyable moments I have experienced in recent times. After college, life has rather become dull and monotonous. No masti. No maja. The trip was a welcome break, which did its purpose of breaking the monotony of our cursed professional life.

We all left for Ooty on a Friday night by the Cheran express. The train was suppose to start at 10.30PM. And yours truly was at the door step of a third class AC compartment at 10.28 PM, intently scanning the reservation chart to find the no. of co-travelers who were between 20 and 23 in age and belonged to the fairer sex. Let me make a confession - In my twenty two years of existence, I would have traveled by train a thousand times, but not even once did I have the luck of having even a remotely good-looking girl in the whole train, let alone in the compartment/seat.On this occasion too, the tradition continued. :(

The party time began much earlier than we expected. We all started hooting, screaming, shrieking, singing etc etc the moment train started. Oh boy!! I must say we all were utterly unconcerned about the hapless passengers who had the misfortune of traveling in the same compartment. Come to think of it!! How would you feel if seven people like captain(vijayakanth), three like TR and half a dozen more whom even the most intellectuals would find difficult to spot even a single difference from monkey, sing, dance and shout right under your nose, eyes, ears and. ..(*i'll leave to your imagination). The example that I cited is only 10% of what those pour souls must have gone through.

Before long, the TTR came to the rescue of those citizens and requested(read threatened) us to take our seats. What was more amusing was, of all the 70-odd people, it was our beloved APM who had to bear the brunt of the TTR speaking worldly philosophies(like "ain't you all educated.?? shouldn't you behave properly?? and so on and so forth). Woah!! A thing which we couldn't do for the past one and half years!! And there he was!! Who looked like a hero to us at that moment!!

Its a personal shame that I lack the eloquence to describe the beauty of the Queen of hills. The weather was amazing(having spent 20+ years in Chennai, any place that doesn't allow mercury to rise above 20 degrees seems to be a heaven. :)) The lush green environment was absolutely refreshing. Ooty remains to be the one of the most beautiful cities I have visited so far. Of course, after Chennai. (Chennai runs in my blood.P)

Its time for me to cut this crap abruptly. Will write a sequel to this post soon. :)
If you have any comments, do share it. :) Even if you didn't like the post, you can write it in comments. ;)

I hope i've tortured you more than what a movie(and acted) by S.J Surya, a lengthy punch dialogue by our own bayam ravi... (get the drift?) can inflict on you!! :)

This-is-my-poonai-peyar. :D