Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random ramblings

1) For the first time in life I don't feel like watching cricket. No, it's not that ODI's have become so boring after the advent of T20 and IPL. I'd still prefer ODI to T20 and Test matches to any other forms of cricket. That God Sachin is not in the playing eleven is the reason cricket seems so uninteresting. The last match against our arch rivals Pakistan was one of the most interesting contests in recent times but even that couldn't help restore my enthusiasm for this game. Though I'm not sure whether I'd quit watching when Sachin calls it quits, which I wish doesn't happen for at least a decade, but I'm sure cricket would never be the same to me.

2) In the last two months I must have started reading about 8-10 books and I've finished reading only three of them. My steely resolve notwithstanding, I couldn't go beyond 50 pages in a couple of classics I bought on an impulse. I'm NOT going to waste any more more on classic. Period. 'One hundred years of solitude' has long been on my list of books to read. And also Shantaraman... though the size of the book scares me off.

3) My current project lead is a pig-headed dumb moron. Let me not go into the detail of all his imbecile stunts and tricks... but we sure have fun at his expense. The other day he was telling me and my team mate of his aspirations to do Phd in Maths. I almost fell off the chair because the guy in question is one of those guys who would take three full minutes to count 2 plus 2 and at the end of the third minute would ask "can i use a calculator?"
We were not in a mood to let go of an opportunity to pull his legs and threw a simple maths puzzle at him.
Pinki has four daughters. Their names are 25 paise, 50 paise and 75 paise. What is the name of the fourth one?
My lead gave this question a good thought and even with his jelly fish IQ realized that the answer is not 100 paise because we wouldn't ask him such silly questions. He pondered for a couple of minutes and replied "1 rupee". He beamed at us so proudly as if he'd just discovered the largest prime number. Then after we explained to him why the answer to that question was "Pinki", he said it was a tough nut to crack and challenged that 4 out of 5 wouldn't answer it. He walked up to a girl, who was sitting a couple of cubicles away, complety engrossed in debugging a good 'ol NullPointerException, and asked:

Pink's daughter has four fathers and their names are 25 paise, 50 paise and 75 paise. What is the fourth father's name?

The expression of horror and shock on that girl's face is inexplicable. :-D With great difficulty, I resisted throwing myself about the floor and roll about laughing :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The return of the self-proclaimed humour blogger

The last time I wrote a post, Yuvraj Singh was looking fit as a fiddle, Swami Nithyananda was making waves for his scintillating performance in 'Short cut to Nirvana' documentary and Tiger Woods was the butt of all jokes like 'A lion would not cheat but Tiger wood'. :P In other words, I had been out of action for so many months(or light years?), much to the relief of many bloggers. :P

Not that I was a prolific blogger before I absconded from this space, but I did manage to write a few posts occasionally, mostly on path-breaking, intellectual topics like 'Save TR: There are 1411 tigers, there is only one T.Rajendran', and shamelessly added tags like 'humour', 'fun', 'I beg you to ROFL' etc. That I tagged them 'humour' seems to be the only humourous thing about those posts. :P

Speaking of humour bloggers (groan how much ever you want but that includes me because I'm gonna tag this one 'humour' too :P), they live in a perennial anxiety of what if the post turns out to be a damp squib. Okay, at least I do. It is not too pleasing to know that one's humour -- that kind of humour you will remember when you take a solitary walk and guffaw uncontrollably, causing the passer-by to phone and tip off a mental asylum of a potential inmate -- was lost on the reader. The least a humor blogger(hic hic!) would want is a conversation like this:

Unfortunate blog reader: Hulloz! I read all your blog posts. You write good.

Me: Gee thanks! Did your like them?

UBR: Yep! But why do your write so serious posts? Try writing a few light-hearted ones.

Me: Grrr! thanks! :evil:

Ok, I've digressed way too far. The point I'm trying to drive home is that you cannot live peacefully here after because my sabbatical has just ended and I'm planning to write more posts in the near future to drive you all into depression. :) There are plenty to stories to tell - Exhilarating trekking at Wayanad, my experiments with cooking, friend-turned-foe rodent and many more - and I wish the lazy bones don't get the better of me. :)

Before I let you off the hook and you all start dancing that my post has come to an end, here's a PJ for you..

Why do readers of this blog have a bandage around their face?

Ans: Because my jokes fell flat on the face :mrgreen: