Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hail XAT!

XAT 2009 is over and with that yet another season of entrance exams comes to an end. I don't want to delve into the details of how I fared in the exam, but I'm pretty sure that if, my age old nemesis, Verbal Ability section doesn't play villain, I will soon happen to get my first ever Interview Call.{touch wood} :D :D

The funniest part of the exam was the essay writing. After the exam got over, the invigilator placed a paper on my table which had the essay topic. It was folded in the middle & stapled at the top to ensure that candidates didn't read the topic until they were asked to. Out of curiosity, I lifted the sheet and held it against the sunlight, and through the paper I could clearly read the essay topic. I had a gut feeling that I had aced the exam and that nothing could stop me from walking on the corridors of XLRI as a student until I read that essay topic. I don't exactly remember the topic but it was about Capitalism and Socialism. I had absolutely no clue about either of them. In fact the only point I could think of about that topic was a line from a tamil song: "bodhai enpathu oru pambu visham than, serunthu kudicha aduthu socialism than". :D

Thanks to training given by Anna University, I managed to write one page essay even though I wasn't even remotely sure what was asked in the topic. I did it with an incredible speed that I had ten minutes to spare. I flirted with the idea of reading my essay to make corrections for a minute, but decided against it as I didn't want to put myself to such agony. I spent the rest of the time relishing the funny expressions of others who tried every crown acts possible to squeeze a point or two out of their medulla oblangata(Notice my eloquence? :P). One guy was particularly funny. He was frantically rubbing his eye-brow, his nose twitched, while his tongue popped out at regular intervals reminding me of a dog I read in James Herriot book.

I have always regarded XAT as the best entrance exam. No, it's not because of the quality of questions or the shrewd essay topic they give(hic hic!!). I consider it the best for the sole reasons that no other exam has so many chicks writing the exam. If someone new to Chennai asks me "Where can I find good-looking gals in chennai", I would suggest him the following:
1) Sowcarpet
2) Spencer, Citicenter etc
3) Give XAT exam.

It beats me why XAT alone has significant "chicks" turn-out while other exams make me feel "ewww... my college was a lot better." :D {if any gal from my college is reading this... err.. i didn't mean to write it. It was forced, compelled, bribed, threatened to write the previous line, but I simply refused it for I know its not true, but at last was made to write at gun-point. :D} No wonder the phrase "XL ki kudhiyan" is quite famous. Today it was quite disappointing though. "Not upto the standard", to put it in my ex-manager's words.

I had huge expectations after my tryst with the exam last year. Last year my exam center was Meenakshi college. While I was on my way to the college, my friend, who had reached the center well in advance, called me up frequently and gave running commentary on "hordes of chicks" who had come to write the exam. When I told him that I would be late, he replied gravely that I was missing a big thing in life. When I reached the college at 9.45am(for 10am exam) the place looked deserted. But the thing was running at the back of my mind when I was writing the exam and I didn't want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So immediately after the exam I rushed to the college gate before anybody could leave the campus so that I could check every chick checking out of the college. :) oh boy, wasn't friend right!

It wouldn't be too much to say that I was gaping at those gorgeous gals passing by me. I had never before witnessed the congregation of so many pretty gals at one place, and when I did I almost fainted. It was as if an "all-chennai-chicks-meet" was going one. :P And on that day I resolved; that I would give XAT every year, no matter what. Even if I am doing MBA, even if I'm married and have kids, even if my kids give XAT along with me. :D I would write XAT every year without fail till I kick the bucket. :D
I have lived up to my resolution this year. Lets see how far it goes! :)